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100 Day Song Challenge:

A song you used to like but now hate.

(Mostly, I listened to the lyrics:) Someone Like You I'm sorry, but if you want the best for you ex, reminding them that you're not over them is the last-- okay, maybe not the last thing to do, but very much down there.

Wednesday Reads: Still adoring reading through Les Miserables and this fic. Also re-reading the Swords of Riverside and SO MANY ALEC AND RICHARD EMOTIONS. SO MANY EMOTIONS, HELP!

... pretty tame week, new reading-wise. Oh well.

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In an attempt to get back into the habit of posting here a bit more, I'll try to do the 100 day song challenge! I will be AFK for some days, so it might be a little choppy, sometimes, but. Better try and fail than not try at all?

So, first one.

A song you know all the lyrics to.

I'll take Amit's example and do one song in English, and one in Bulgarian, because why not?

Savage Garden: Crash and Burn and a song from an oldish Bulgarian movie (not using the original film video, because somewhat out of context character suicide, though I can link, if anyone wants black and white footage.)

Also, just because, Wednesday Reads notes: I've discovered that Les Miserables is actually kind of lovely to read in French. And my French is really not quite on the level for me to expect reading to be pleasing. Who'd have thought? And, on that note, Javert/Valjean fic rec, new chapter will likely be coming up tomorrow.
Other things: I am enjoying the Lunar Chronicles, even if a lot of the characters are teenagers and augh... Also, have started re-reading the Wheel of Time books, which got interrupted by re-reading the Swords of Riverside because a friend inhaled the first two books and a slew of the short stories, so clearly I needed a refresher...
Brandon Sanderson's Firefight reminded me that I kind of like his main character a lot, and had me wondering why I took so long to start reading, though [personal profile] starflarker's reaction to the end of Steelheart might be a clue. I don't honestly remember.
... oh, and I love love love the Young Wizards series. Surprising exactly nobody.
And also A Darker Shade of Magic, a relatively new fantasy (first book of... series) by V. E. Schwab. Lovely worldbuilding, and, well. Characters intensity, I like.
A few lovely things I'm looking forward to are coming out in the fall, as always.

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Wednesday reads

Hi! I'm alive. I've been swamped with work and most of my time on dreamwidth has been logged into RP accounts, but. Slowly clearing games off, and gearing up towards NaNo and then Yuletide. And, so, this space may see some attention again. Possibly.

Also, second Dragon*Con was experienced, and there was a looot more of people to spend time with that before, and I loved that. Who knows, maybe next year I'll actually manage cosplay!

Actual reads thoughts back here for potential spoilers? )

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Wednesday reads (on Thursday again) This time, thoughts on poetry.

Back here. )

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Wednesday reads (on Thursday). Also (slightly spoilery) Winter Soldier ramble.

Reading... the Walker papers. )

And Captain America: The Winter Soldier spoilers in the rant ahead.

Winter Soldier. )

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