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100 Day Song Challenge


One of your favourite songs.

Oh boy. Let's go with Imagine. But there are many more.

/gets distracted by Alfie Boe on the way to that link

Alfie Boe is a distraction today. Including the option of maybe getting to watch him live, depending on a thousand things, circa New Year on Broadway...

We'll see.

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Apparently, August and September are insane months at this work place. Who'd have thought?

Not that anything horrible is happening, I hope, but it's crazy busy. Which means that I am going to Dragon*Con (YAY) but the chances that I'll manage to get ANY costuming done is... negligible.

I was looking forward to that.

BUT at least I'll get to see everyone who'll be there!

*goes back to quietly freaking out over TOO MUCH WORK*

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So, here are pictures from my road trip on Saturday. From Sinaia, Romania.

We didn't quite reach Dracula's castle, but it wasn't too much further.

And I got to walk a lot!

Annnnd today's X-rays say that my bones are healed enough that the fracture doesn't show on the image. Which is GOOD. And I'm allowed to slowly start putting weight on that leg. WHEE!

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I'm back

And good grief that was amazing. Exhausting, and I had to miss the last day (DAMMIT), but WOW.

Con report will follow, along with select pictures. Just a few random notes.

Kyle Schmid is tiny and amazing.

Dylan Neal's sharp and sarcastic is something I can probably listen to all day; it was also making Kyle lose it and crack up a WHOLE lot. He's also ... even more attractive in close proximity than he is on screen. (okay, I expected if for Kyle, didn't so much for Dylan).

Tanya Huff is amazing and a big part of my experience has been thanks to her company. Up to and including presiding over a wonderful evening where my filk virginity was gloriously taken once and for all. ;)

Jason Manns' concert was, as expected, wonderful. With bonus, a few songs in a slightly different style performed by Gil Birmingham. The one I didn't know what to expect of and was ... wow, was Cultus Ferox. Guys guys guys, if you ever get a chance to listen to those guys live and you're at least a little bit into that kind of music, GO DO IT. It's primal power mind-blowing.

Some actors are nuts... oh wait, we knew that.

Natalia Tena was adorable; I only got to see her at the signing session, but HEEE. So are the Phelps twins. And and and! I'm totally going to join in with the German after I wrap up formal Spanish. Much to read that I was introduced to there ... which hasn't been translated, snap.

And and and. Mmm crud, although I don't think I can blame the con for this one. But by Crazy Love I was singing baritone, and the evening was far from over.

Details later.

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Sooo I'm leaving for Ring*Con in about... 20 minutes. Just wanted to let people know. I'll look online in chats, for those who have me, and when I DO get connected, I'll be checking messages, etc., but if I'm not replying - I'm just not at the keyboard.
If I'm updating twitter from my phone, I likely cannot get twits (either @ or dms ) at the time. I'll try to get back to you.

Will be back Sunday evening (my time, afternoon in the US).

Love you all!
(and also, yes, I do hope I get a chance to hang around with [profile] andpuff. And possibly Kyle Schmid and Dylan Neal. Or of the other cool people there...)

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Asylum (pt. 3)

First of all, lightweights.
Supernatural S4 DVD/Blu-Ray official announcement.

And The Mentalist casting call thing. Uhhhh. *is not nervous. Really.* Obviously, spoilers, so beware!

And. funny pictures of cats with captions
see more Lolcats and funny pictures

And cutting again for, you guessed it, ramble. )

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Asylum (pt. 2)

Okay then. An attempt by no-brain!Kiki to finish off the report from Asylum 3. And cutting! )

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A couple of quotes

There is more to life than increasing its speed.

- Gandhi

Why would people think that scientists would be any good for lost keys? Keys are magic. Phones are made out of science, so need scientists.

- Neil Gaiman (Source).

Cutting for a bit of personal ramble )

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Mkay. I just got a confirmation from the bosses.

Unless something unexpected happens between now and late May to prevent me from it, I am going to the Asylum 3 con in Birmingham, UK. Again, huge thanks to uliamos for the heads-up, and I so, SO wish we could go together! (man, wouldn't THAT be something...)

My first con ever, people! With Jensen Ackles. (And Jared Padalecki. And Misha Collins. And Alona Tal.) These are people I never ever thought I'd get a chance to meet, for obviously geographic reasons. DUDE!

Cut for two more fandom bits. )

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