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kikibug13 [userpic]

So because I clearly needed stuff to distract me in October, I signed up for two fic exchanges (it's Dream's fault, anyway) and, here are two of my gifts!

For the Les Mis Holidays Exchange 2015:

The Changeling Forest and the Hundred-Faced Man - Teen and Up - Javert & Jean Valjean / Javert/Jean Valjean - Second person PoV - Take the Tam Lin fairytale, take the Brick, and shake. Pour into glass and garnish with allusions historical, literary, and religious.


rough mind, gentle heart - Teen and Up - Javert/Jean Valjean / Javert & Jean Valjean / Cosette Fauchelevent/Marius Pontmercy / Enjolras/Grantaire / Enjolras & Grantaire / Ambiguous or Implied Relationship(s) - Take Catskin, take The Firebird, and take the philosophies on morality and governance from the Brick. Shake vigorously and well. Pour into glass and top a mixture of Hugo’s writing style mixed with that of fairytales.

Go forth and readinate, if it is to any of your tastes!

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kikibug13 [userpic]

So, today I got a present. He has FINGERSTRIPES! Also I got a card with art just for me. And, earlier, I got another card.


Ahem. /PSA.

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kikibug13 [userpic]

... things that made me glee today.

- [personal profile] kittydesade's fic. It's made of crazy awesome and adorable and hot.

- My Yule present from [personal profile] adsartha arrived. Yesh, I've got it!

- On the way there, I saw three kids with a vuvuzela. Yes, I actually heard one live. It made a few of my muses (kind of) glee/bounce. Me... I actually love it, so long as nobody tries to play it around me in an enclosed/roofed space.

- On the way from the post office, I saw a Tron: Legacy magazine. In Bulgarian. Now, that shouldn't be as exciting as it is, but, y'know. And a glow-in-the-dark poster. Of Sam on the lightcycle. Ummm YAY

>.> yes, little things sometimes make me very glad.

Oh, and probably the biggest one. I sort of actually feel like I have the energy to enjoy them. :D

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kikibug13 [userpic]

Vacationing Kiki is heavy-duty vacationing. Cleaning is postponed for after Christmas. Shopping is half-done (I need to do a wee bit more, because it's mum's birthday today and I need to get her something more than what I have, even with the planned big shiny present for Christmas. >.>

On the other hand, spending money is a great load of fun. Yesterday, I finally got myself a W-LAN USB thingie and now I have wireless interwebz on my laptop. It's... awesome, in a word.
And while I was at that, I got me a 250 GB external HDD. I count this Christmas-Birthday present (since I won't be getting paid again, probably, until after my birthday, soooo.)
Anyhow, yesterday? I spent a lot of money. And I'm planning on spending some more today. Just sayin'.

Christmas fics and prompts. These are... very important to finish up. I know I can, I just need to focus. I really really do. But those of you who requested fics? I haven't forgotten!

Also, I completed rewatching Spn S1, and going through The Mentalist again (what? Is it a day for a new episode over there? w00t!) and then will go on with S2 and S3 and S4... They're really not nice on those boys, are they.


... I also feel like curling back in bed, just because I technically can.

OH, and I am knitting again. Yes, the kitteh is attacking the yarn, now and again, but it's not as bad as I feared. >.>

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!

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