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Reading challenges. 2015. )

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Because apparently more or less keeping up with NaNo (didn't get the weekend to work out padding, word count wise, but I don't think I'll be behind, either, so I'll take it) means that writing again is a go. Origfic bingo card behind the cut. )

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More writing challenges!

Hopefully, will do these in a more timely fashion. )

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Dear writer,

Dear [profile] rarewomen writer,

Thank you for signing up!

More here. )

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And here we go with bingos.

My hc_bingo card )

Why, yes, I already have ideas about these...

And these, too. )

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Sci Fi Big Bang


Ahem. Sleep now.

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Authors sign-ups || Artists sign-ups || Beta / cheerleaders sign-ups

Come one! Come all! Enjoy

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Fic: Return (Tron: Legacy, Kevin Flynn, PG)

Title: Return
Author: kikibug13
Fandom: Tron: Legacy
Characters/Pairing: Kevin Flynn, brief appearances by Quorra, Sam Flynn, Alan Bradley, Tron, Original (sort of) Female Character
Prompt(s): hc_bingo field: Accidents
Ratings: PG for philosophical topics
Warnings: Post-movie, so spoilers. Fix-it, somewhat. Or a set-up.
Word count: ~ 2 500
Summary: In that final explosion, Flynn gets thrown out, without memory or immediate consciousness, and he needs to find his way home.
A/N: Many thanks to kittydesade, as always!

Return. )

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Fic: Help (The A-Team movie, R)

Title: Help
Author: [personal profile] kikibug13
Fandom: The A-Team (movie)
Characters/Pairing: Templeton "Face" Peck, Captain Charisa Sosa, Comm link appearance by "Hannibal" Smith
Prompt(s): [community profile] hc_bingo field: Burns
Ratings: R for somewhat graphical depiction of heavy body damage
Warnings: Burns. No, I mean that, bad heavy burns.
Word count: ~ 2 850
Summary: An explosion happens too early and Face gets somewhat caught in the blast.
A/N: Thanks to [personal profile] kittydesade for the read-through and cheerleading and help!

The A-Team plans came together. That's how they worked, how they had survived all these years - not only survived, made good. Never failed a mission. The best unit one could get for special jobs, and that was that.

But sometimes, of course, the plans cut it a little close. Scrapes and bruises. One or another of them a little bit out of commission for a couple of days or a couple of weeks. A shot here and there. Never deadly or near to, they just moved that fast, but sometimes, things were close.

Occasionally, a little too close. )

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