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kikibug13 [userpic]

I know I have not posted in forever but yes, I'm still around and yes, things are more or less fine, and maybe when I have spoons I will tell you adventures had BUT.

The point of the post today is?

[personal profile] kittydesade has a new book out! Sandborn! Also edited by [personal profile] lireavue! I love Kitty's writing and I love this story and I've been looking forward to this book coming out for years!

So! Go check it out! Sandborn by Kitty Chandler!

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kikibug13 [userpic]

Huff. It's almost invariable that the first of my days off (usually Saturday, but Friday this week, or whenever) sleeping most of the day. Not that it's a problem, but then I feel like I've wasted the day.

(Yes, today is an official holiday, here. The day of the Cyrillic script. One day I'll even know when other countries using it celebrate that.)

And I have slept. And I even feel like I'm a bit calmer from finishing the second China-centered Guy Gavriel Kay book. Which also broke my heart, in a way that made perfect sense.

Oh well. Time for poking at Grimm! From a year ago, but still.

Anyhow! Reminders!

The new installment of Gods and Monsters came out yesterday! Sign up for e-mail updates!

And Noteworthy Pitches is still ongoing! :)

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!

kikibug13 [userpic]
Boosting the signal

Because it's an endeavor worth helping or at least paying attention to and cheering (but, really, being a part of it is awesome), I give to your attention the LJ comm wiresandlights!

For those of you in the great big US of A who are interested in what is happening right now, and it's pretty unsettling, to be mild, and for all of us outside who would still want to know.

Pay attention. Speak up. Help.


It's worth it!

ETA message from the mod: If you think you want to help us over on the comm, I really, really need you to ACTUALLY COMMENT when you request membership and SAY WHAT YOU ARE WILLING/ABLE TO DO.

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kikibug13 [userpic]
Yo guys.

I will freely admit I am not overly political. In general. I have my own views of things, and they don't always coincide with this political party or that. Not to mention that in this space, political issues that pertain to Bulgaria are unlikely to have much audience. There are a few topics on which I blip now and again, especially LGBT and feminism, and, less frequently, disability equality (mostly because as an able person - current circumstances included - I do not know the issues well enough, unless something has been brought up to me in particular and I've read enough to be confident to voice an opinion).

That does not excuse me from my right - and obligation - to know.

What is going on here. What is going on elsewhere. What matters to people, and why, and how it's addressed.

When I think my voice can make a difference somewhere, no matter how small, I try to make it heard.

But the first part of that is, awareness. Stay informed. Stay aware. Do not be swallowed by circumstances because you didn't know.

So here I give props to those who allow us to have such information. Even if it's in a location that does not directly pertain to me, nor one where I can directly make a difference, as a non-citizen and non-voter.

But for people over the great water, i.e., in the US of A, [personal profile] adsartha and [personal profile] kittydesade (same LJ names as dreamwidth, btw) have been keeping track of disturbing occurrences that even I, with my half a semester of civics, am gnashing my teeth over. And the links, the events, keep piling up.

Don't forget. Information is the first necessary step to making a difference in the direction you want things to go. Don't ignore or scorn the opportunity.

Peace. Out.

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