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QotD: Question of the Day. (Not Queen of the Damned.)

In an attempt to return to return to putting words somewhere regularly, hi, I aintn't dead. I've been very irregular here personally (though DWRP is a thing that's happening a lot). I had a long, long run of being taken in by Hamilton (including having seen it live, twice in NYC - with at least some of the original cast - and once in London) with a side of US history and history as a whole intense interest, which started fading hard when November 2016 happened and some aspects of reality crashed hard on me, which had me turn back to my roots and escapism, namely in the shape of getting sucked into Final Fantasy XV, and from there into a world of video games which I'm a very late comer to. Still hanging in that zone.

You may have seen that I did sign up for Yuletide; I've already claimed one pinch hit and am reminded WHY I tend to do pinch hits only - I'm far more interested in that than my original assignment. Though I'll finish that one, too.

Work is going apace, I'm looking forward to the winter break (the entire office closes between Christmas and New Year's so we actually get a proper vacation); I have a nephew who is turning 2 in a week. I've been trying to get into the proper habit of learning either Japanese or Arabic (I got with the latter to the point of getting the alphabet down enough so I could read words on my own - and actually read them correctly), but it's been very spotty. I've now been to China (last year) and Turkey (this year) and both experiences have been interesting.

And, as the actual attempt to get myself some regularity here, I'll try doing these:

[community profile] questionoftheday asks: What is your internet history? What websites were you a part of that might not be around anymore, and do you have any fond memories of them?

My answer: My Internet history started in 1997 when I was in the US for a school year and my host family had Internet access. Not via AOL, it was via Yahoo, so my beginnings were, indeed, in Yahoo Groups. I was wee and having people I could talk with via text and never meet was absolutely fantastic (it still is) and I don't even know anyone from back then (or perhaps I do, I just don't know it) but it was a great way to spend the time when I was done with homework and... nobody else needed the computer, the phone line (although it may have been a second phone line), or the actual internet access. Considering that it was mostly after my host mom had finished her business day, it was often not a problem.

I miiight have gotten ICQ back then, near the end, I'm not sure.

After that, I went home to Bulgaria and... there was no Internet with any consistency. I may have gone to Internet cafes? I'm not sure. I probably did, really. I went to the US a second time after graduating high school, and my father's web access wasn't affiliated with Yahoo or anything like that, but I still had my e-mail and ICQ and I think it was mostly through those that I got connected. I don't... actually recall what I did. (But his home office room was very close to the bedroom I was assigned so I could stay up as late as I wanted online.)

I discovered Google... sometime during my first semester in University, Spring of 2001. The search engine was a blessing and I switched to it in a blink; the e-mail with the conversation view was a revelation and I left both Yahoo mail and Hotmail behind without a second glance. I loved it on sight, and still love it, though their habit of overhauling and then forcing everyone into it is... a little irksome. Also firstish semester in Uni, I discovered Trillian, and though my usual reason to use it was still ICQ, I got to use a few more of the chatting services. (The way the uni network was set up meant that I couldn't use proper ICQ, and the web version of it wasn't available yet.) I know I was reading a lot of books and sometimes downloading other things in that period, and doing all the research I could for uni, but nothing stands out spectacularly from that time as web history. (I became very good at minesweeper though.)

After uni, I may have dabbled in things like... neopets? I don't know, I think I was there but it certainly didn't leave as much in terms of lasting memories at it has for some.

The next big thing was 2006, early in the year, when I joined the Lois McMaster Bujold's mailing list and that changed my world.

This was my introduction to online etiquette, good behavior, fun, brilliance, in a community that, no matter of our differences, always has a common interest. (Yes, I'm still on that mailing list, though I participate so much less than I used to.) Part of that mailing list has been a slew of reading recommendations, tour schedules for ARCs bought off eBay of upcoming books (each of us would leave a message, and the ARC would then be presented to the author herself when the tour was over, usually around the time when the book came out). And yes, that means I have received a book bought in the US which has been around the UK, Japan, Korea, Australia and New Zealand, read it within my allotted time with it, and forward it to Spain or France or Norway...

Also in that mailing list, I discovered fanfiction and such. Yes, only then.

And in a slew of contact exchange, I learned about LiveJournal. (Also MySpace, probably FaceBook? I'm not sure about that one. And I think one or two more.) Around the same time, there was a discussion of Torchwood, which had just started, so I entered the (expanded) Doctor Who fandom (from the back door) and LJ around the same time.

I didn't find roleplay until later in the year. I didn't try my hand at creating my first character journals until January (I think - on GreatestJournal) and February (on LJ), but it was certainly... there was so much more to keep up with, and read, and see, and write, and play, and imagine. In the late Spring of 2007 I fell into an actually incredibly active roleplay group (in the Harry Potter fandom, hilariously, since I've never considered myself a fan of the series but we really clicked) and the nest months were... a whirlwind. I don't know how much I wrote in that time, and I know I was very beginner, especially considering what amazing writers I measured myself against, but it was glorious. It branched off the sixwordstories comm.

Then... the group in question moved on from HP into Comics, which were hella intimidating, and while I tried, I ended up being more and more left behind. Which was pretty upsetting to me, and I almost quit RP at the time. Except.

Except there was Katie. And there was Jag - [personal profile] kittydesade. And there was delving into different fandoms, and finding new joys in writing, and finding friends who, even if we're not nearly as actively interacting now as we used to, are still my sisters.

LJ circled around to IJ and eventually DW. I joined Twitter (I'm still there), and eventually Tumblr (l o l) - the latter for the pretty, because it could be very pretty. I have been in and out of journal RP games since (mostly in, right now, but there have been times when I was in none, and I usually go to games to play with specific people, or castmates, or just characters; I'm notoriously bad at figuring out if a setting will work for me or not; but I'm also pretty good at adjusting to settings). I've dabbled on Howrse (also Jag's fault).

Hmm. I'm probably missing big things (like DC++ and torrents - which, I still use the latter). Oh, one thing - for all its flaws, I really, really appreciate the accessibility of eBooks that I can buy legally. I love reading. I love reading certain things at certain times so I can keep with friends who are reading them, and weeks of shipping time (or months waiting for a translation) just wouldn't do.

Ahhh, online history. Here are the outlines of mine.