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Okay, hi. I haven't forgotten the song meme, but I'll pick it up again later. This one is a start of a thing I'll try to keep up through October! It was a Tumblr suggestion of 'post an OC for each day of October.' And since I've actually managed to round up 31 (with a few spare), even if a number of them are sort of fandom OCs, I'll try to do this.

Starting at the beginning. My very first OC - and a few people might even recall her - is Rowan Willows. She started off in a slightly different incarnation over in the Terinu forum, but in journals, yeah, she was my first OC. And maybe I should feel ashamed to bring her up? Because. Rowan Willows? Translation of my name. The PB? Somebody I've been told I look like (Laetitia Casta, shh, I didn't come up with this). Basically... as pure a self-insert as one can make.

But at the same time? I ended up having some very interesting RP experiences with her. She was definitely not the character I discovered the sweetness of RP with, but I did discover some of the intensity. And it really was a learning experience. Even if she was originally ported to journals for a game run by somebody that I had to cut ties with because emotionally draining, if not worse. Even that was a learning experience.

Rowan's backstory is along the lines of, she used to work as an archivist at Torchwood 1, but she survived Canary Wharf because she was on leave and was not there, coming back to help deal with the mess that the battle left. Her long-abandoned journal is archivistrowan on LJ.

So that's Rowan in short. Now to get ready for work and ponder if I have idea enough to do continuation of the finishing off of last year's NaNo to make it a full NaNo for this year...

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