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kikibug13 [userpic]
Day three

100 Day Song Challenge

A song that reminds you of a night out. (when was it and where?)

... so many options, there. But I'll go with Smooth. Because I love love love the song, and it WAS out around the time of my high school graduation, when there were nights out.

Also, I quite enjoyed reading this list of beautiful sentences in literature. Only, for you lovelies out there who might end up being UNHAPPY, the last one is by Cassandra Clare. So click only with that in mind.

In other fun news, I was supposed to have left for the mountains for a couple of days with the boy and the boys' parents. (Since my mum and her partner are off camping elsewhere.) Which would have been a thing, I'd have been up in the cool clean air... if the boy hadn't blatantly ignored what I'd told him about when to come pick me up from work, because the main road from that side of the city towards the center, and by extension the bus station, is under repairs and the traffic jam is horrible. No, he showed up twenty minutes later. We saw the bus as it left the bus station, but...
Oh well. Traveling tomorrow in the morning.

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