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that meme where you give me a character and I tell you three random pieces of personal canon about them: let's do that.

Y'all can ask for any of these characters / related fandoms, as well as an original character, too. Ones that are currently easily accessible, other than those who've been around for years (the first three are there in the linked list, the rest aren't...):
* Naima: engineering auditor who ends up, via ritual, with the knowledge of the Library of Alexandria in her mind, and some of it is occult.
* Rafan: starts out as oriental-flavor sex slave but things change for him and he ends up immortal (and, possibly, for a while ruler of his own country).
* Nehlie: alien time traveler assassin.
* Evil queen (TM) (she's still not named, but) and, from the same story, traveling warrior princess.
* Kitsune who's not that eager to go after human men.

... did I mention before that my mind has been going nuts with original stories, recently?

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