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kikibug13 [userpic]
QotD: Question of the Day. (Not Queen of the Damned.)

In an attempt to return to return to putting words somewhere regularly, hi, I aintn't dead. I've been very irregular here personally (though DWRP is a thing that's happening a lot). I had a long, long run of being taken in by Hamilton (including having seen it live, twice in NYC - with at least some of the original cast - and once in London) with a side of US history and history as a whole intense interest, which started fading hard when November 2016 happened and some aspects of reality crashed hard on me, which had me turn back to my roots and escapism, namely in the shape of getting sucked into Final Fantasy XV, and from there into a world of video games which I'm a very late comer to. Still hanging in that zone.

You may have seen that I did sign up for Yuletide; I've already claimed one pinch hit and am reminded WHY I tend to do pinch hits only - I'm far more interested in that than my original assignment. Though I'll finish that one, too.

Work is going apace, I'm looking forward to the winter break (the entire office closes between Christmas and New Year's so we actually get a proper vacation); I have a nephew who is turning 2 in a week. I've been trying to get into the proper habit of learning either Japanese or Arabic (I got with the latter to the point of getting the alphabet down enough so I could read words on my own - and actually read them correctly), but it's been very spotty. I've now been to China (last year) and Turkey (this year) and both experiences have been interesting.

And, as the actual attempt to get myself some regularity here, I'll try doing these:

[community profile] questionoftheday asks: What is your internet history? What websites were you a part of that might not be around anymore, and do you have any fond memories of them?

My answer: Behind the cut. )

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